VGG8-COq-C-PT Rotisserie and Convection Oven



VGG8-COq-C-PT Rotisserie and Convection Oven

The best of both worlds! The BKI® VGG8-COq-C-PT is a commercial rotisserie oven and convection oven combination in one beautiful unit. Ideal for high-volume food service operations, the VGG8-COq-C-PT’s high cooking capacity and menu flexibility will keep up with growing customer demand. The rotisserie can cook up to 40 3-lb chickens in 75 minutes while the convection oven extends your menu with perfectly cooked entrées, vegetables, and bakery items. 

The VGG-8 rotisserie has curved glass doors and a pass-through design, allowing the back of the kitchen to load raw product and the front kitchen to pull cooked product, thus reducing the risk of contamination.

The bright touchscreen display makes operation a breeze with true one-touch cooking. This means no matter who uses the unit, the results will be consistently delicious. Store up to 15 customizable menu programs that can be locked to protect important settings. Select English or Spanish with the new bilingual feature. 

Whether poultry, pork, beef, vegetables, bread or your own specialty, the VGG8-COq-C-PT is sure to maximize customer satisfaction and produce uniform, consistent results every time.

Pair your rotisserie with our waste extraction system to dispose of hot liquids easily, and most importantly, safely.

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We have upgraded the interiors of our VGG rotisseries with LED lights and smooth bright annealed stainless steel interior which easy to clean.
VGG-8-F Rotisserie V-Spits And Rotor
Ideal for extremely high-volume supermarkets and restaurants, the BKI® VGG series of rotisseries have a massive cooking capacity that will meet growing customer demand and improve profitability. These rotisseries can cook up to up to 80 3-lb (1.36 kg) chickens in 75 minutes.
Fresh Baked Bread
Baking fresh bread for your customers can be done with a simple push of a button. How? The BKI® Combi-King® line of combination ovens allow you to program your favorite recipe with up to 9 steps per cook cycle. Combi-King® ovens also allow you to control humidity from 0-100% so bread doesn't dry out. Combine a BKI® oven with our bakery display case to keep your baked goods fresh for hours.
VGG-COQ-F-PT Convection Oven
The BKI COq convection oven features a four-fan system to ensure even heat throughout the oven cavity. This full-size convection oven is designed not only for high-quality baking, but it is also perfect for cooking proteins to perfection.
Carving Prime Rib
Prime rib is one of the most popular beef preparations in the culinary arts. The perfect prime rib must be juicy, medium rare and have a crispy crust on the outside. Perfection is why cooking prime rib in a Combi-King® combination oven or rotisserie is the only way to go. You have absolute control of the cooking chamber and can program multiple steps in a cook cycle. Best of all, once programmed, you can duplicate your recipe over and over, and in large quantities. Someone pass the horseradish.

Model Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

73.06" (1856 mm)
41.37" (1051 mm)
39.37" (1000 mm)
Floor Space
11.3 sq ft (1.05 sq m)
890 lb (428.6 kg)

Electrical Options

Volts – kW – Amps
208 – 40 – 29.7
Volts – kW – Amps
240 – 40 – 28.7
Volts – kW – Amps
208 – 40 – 28.5
Volts – kW – Amps
240 – 35 – 27.0


• Solid back
• Flat glass

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