COQ Convection Oven

COQ Convection Oven


COQ Convection Oven

The BKI® COq convection oven features a four-fan system to ensure even heat throughout the oven cavity. This full-size convection oven is designed not only for high-quality baking, but it is also perfect for cooking proteins to perfection. It comes standard with a drippings drawer with drain so you can easily dispose or recycle fat drippings.
The bright touchscreen display makes operation a breeze with true one-touch cooking. This means no matter who uses the unit the results will be consistently delicious. Store up to 15 customizable menu programs that can be locked to protect important settings. Select English or Spanish with the new bilingual feature.
The COq is designed with a modular frame, which allows it to be stacked with another COq, or for the ultimate cooking tower, stack it with the VGG-8 rotisserie and/or a VGH-8 ventless hood.

Pair your rotisserie with our waste extraction system to dispose of hot liquids easily, and most importantly, safely.

Visit Parts Town to find OEM parts for all BKI equipment.

Your customers love your lasagna recipe with its cheesy goodness and they expect it to taste the same, every single time. You can ensure their loyalty by using a BKI® Combi-King® combination oven. Program 200 recipes with up to 9 steps easily each and duplicating that lasagna meal becomes a matter of pushing a button. Lets eat!
Freshly Baked Bread
Baking fresh bread for your customers can be done with a simple push of a button. How? The BKI® Combi-King® line of combination ovens allow you to program your favorite recipe with up to 9 steps per cook cycle. Combi-King® ovens also allow you to control humidity from 0-100% so bread doesn't dry out. The BKI® line of convection ovens are also great at baking bread. The optional steam injection provides humidity to keep bread moist while the four-fan system circulates heat evenly throughout the chamber. Combine a BKI® oven with our bakery display case to keep your baked goods fresh for hours.
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Baking delicious cookies is easy with BKI® combination and convection ovens. BKI convection ovens have a four-fan system ensuring heat is evenly distributed within the chamber while the Combi-King® line of combination ovens offer the added benefit of humidity control. The results are cooking with a crispy exterior and a moist interior.
Double doors insulate to prevent burns.
Four convection fans ensure even heat distribution within cooking chamber.

Model Specifications

Mechanical Specifications

62" (1575 mm)
38.12" (968 mm)
41.93" (1065 mm)
590 lb (267.6 kg)

Electrical Options

Volts – kW – Amps
120 – 10.5 – 30/30/28 120 – 10.5 – 30/30/28
Volts – kW – Amps
220-240 – 10.5 – 26/26/24 220-240 – 10.5 – 26/26/24
Volts – kW – Amps
208 – 10.5 – 48/48/NA 208 – 10.5 – 48/48/NA
Volts – kW – Amps
220-240 – 10.5 – 44/44/NA 220-240 – 10.5 – 44/44/NA

Vent hood clearances

1" (25 mm)
1" (25 mm)
3" (76 mm)


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