Case Study: BKI® cleaning tablets make the dirtiest ovens sparkle again

Dirty Combi OvenThe Challenge

A BKI Combi-King oven hums along reliably for months at a regional grocery store. Day after day, deli workers faithfully feed the oven a steady supply of meats, pastries, and menu items. And just as faithfully, the Combi turns them out perfectly cooked, one after another. As the cooking cycles add up, though, so does a mess on the inside of the oven. No one seems to notice the ominous buildup that’s quietly invading the stainless steel interior—and now threatens to cause the oven to become inefficient, transfer odors, and at worse, cause a breakdown.

Or if they do notice, no one’s volunteering to scrub away at several months’ worth of accumulated grime. At least that’s what the staff assumes is required, until Team BKI happens to drop in one day for a goodwill check.

As we greet the deli staff and chat about business, one of our team members flips opens the doors of Combi-King. Eyes widen and jaws drop. It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen: an entire oven cavity crusted with baked-on debris, smeared with grease, and camouflaged in a black-carbon buildup. How much longer can the reigning champ of commercial baking tough this out?

BKI to the Rescue

Obviously it’s time for a quick retraining before our grocery partner finds out the hard way. Noting the deli workers’ embarrassment over the exposed oven chamber of horror, Team BKI announces some good news: We can get this oven shiny in a snap— no sponges, no scouring, no effort.

The room immediately brightens. How’s that? A push of a few buttons and some BKI cleaning tabs is all it takes, we explain. Now that’s something all the deli workers can rally behind. They gather around the Combi to watch intently as one of our team members works his magic.

He tosses the BKI Cleaning Tabs inside the oven. Shuts the oven door. Presses a few buttons to start the automatic cleaning cycle. Voila. The mild chemicals begin to do their thing as they continuously cycling throughout the cavity. The deli workers can only imagine the scene unfolding inside: crust loosening its grip, grease dissolving, the mysterious black matter fading. The team member steps back and wipes his hands. “That’s it, he says, “All you have to do now is walk away and come back tomorrow to a sparkling oven interior.”

The staff exchange appreciative nods and murmurs. Then he mentions another benefit of the tablets: they sanitize the oven surfaces as they wash away the grime. Judging by their quizzical expressions, lurking bacteria is not something the workers might not have considered.

Now that we have their attention, Team BKI seizes the opportunity to get to the big message: Following this simple procedure at the end of each day will keep the Combi-King not only clean, but functioning perfectly for years to come. We explain how cleaning prolongs the life of the pump and other components. We also talk about how preventing buildup means the Combi-King won’t have to work as hard, ultimately saving energy. And last but not least, we mention how a dirty oven transfers odors and unwanted flavors to every menu item. A clean oven simply produces better-tasting food. Worse case scenario is an abused oven with months of built up grime can cause costly repair bills.

Encouraged by our tutorial, the deli workers are eager to jump right in. They follow the simple steps, and in minutes they are running the oven through its first wash cycle—by themselves and with confidence. As we get ready to depart, they promise to follow the recommended routines moving forward. All in all, we can say it’s been a productive visit! Still, Team BKI knows that a follow-up is in order. We immediately schedule a visit to the store’s corporate office for a face-to-face consultation with our trusted partner. We offer our full assistance with additional trainings and provide valuable resources like menu development and advanced menu program training that our partner can use to ensure the Combi-King lives a long, productive life—and remains the solid investment they count on to keep their profits rolling in.


Well, we think the photos speak for themselves!

Clean Combi Oven 1
Clean Combi Oven 2

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Tom Ranc
Director of Sales - Eastern Region

BKI Customer Service