The Lighthouse Steps Up To A Combi


The Lighthouse Seafood & Deli in New Market, Maryland needed to replace some worn out convection ovens that were not keeping up with customer demand. BKI teamed up with MTS Equipment, a BKI distributor, to install a new BKI® Combi-King® Combination Oven to provide the seafood restaurant with higher capacity and faster cooking.


Their current double-stack of convection ovens were reaching the end of their life and were not keeping up with customer demand. The convection ovens did not have the ability to store recipes or provide the ease of one-touch cooking which was a prerequisite for any new oven they would select. Furthermore, convection ovens tend to dry out food and do not offer the humidity control or food quality that the restaurant was looking for.

How BKI & MTS Helped

BKI teamed up with MTS, a BKI distributor, to install a new BKI® Combi-King® ETE102R combination oven.

Combi-King TE102 TG102 OvenThe Combi-King® line of combi ovens are packed with innovative and efficient features that made it a perfect fit for The Lighthouse.

With over 200 programmable recipes with up to 9 steps in each cook cycle, The Lighthouse now has flexibility for menu expansion well into the future. Once a recipe has been programmed with the intuitive touchscreen display, or uploaded via the USB port, anyone with a little training can cook complex items with a single push of a button.

That may have been enough for The Lighthouse, but when Devin started learning about the superior humidity control of his recipes, he started thinking of all the other recipes he’s been wanting to introduce. The real magic of the Combi-King is the ability to use moist heat, dry heat, or any combination without the use of a boiler system. The patented Meteo System constantly monitors the climate inside the cooking chamber, ensuring the optimal balance between heat and humidity. Devin can now select humidity levels from 0 to 100% depending on his menu items. In addition, the patented SteamTuner system allows him to choose from very wet to very dry steam. The result is absolute control over the chamber environment, perfect for steaming those Maryland crabs or fall off the bone pulled pork.

Results and Return on Investment

LighthouseSeafoodPhotoAfter MTS completed the install, BKI’s corporate chef, Frank Barrett-Mills, spent time training Devin and his team so they would be up and running smoothly.

The Lighthouse Seafood & Deli restaurant is reaping the benefits of their new combi oven: programmable recipes, intuitive one-touch cooking, superior humidity and cooking chamber control and the high capacity of the BKI® TE102R combination oven. Customers are lining up and getting higher quality food in a shorter amount of time.

BKI brought together an exceptional team to provide Devin a solution that addressed all his prerequisites and allowed him to take advantage of innovative cooking technology that can make his business even more productive and profitable.

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Tom Ranc
Director of Sales - Eastern Region