Cooking prime rib in combi, convection, and roast/hold ovens

A beautiful prime rib is just the thing to give even the smallest restaurant a big reputation. While this big hunk of wonderful meat might seem intimidating, with the right equipment your top menu item can be sublime every time. Here's how.

Perfectly cooked prime rib


Meat—Use a Choice quality rib roast.

Cut the bone from the roast and then tie it back on with butcher’s twine. This will give you a roast portion for an entree and rib section for an appetizer, as well as beautifully cooked meat.

Score the top of the roast with Xs between the butcher’s twine.
Place the rib fat cap up. Rub—And if you know meat you know it is always about the rub!
First, drizzle 1/2 cup of Worcester sauce over the roast and rub in. Dust with:
Pepper, Garlic Salt, and Thyme

Now, you’re ready to roast!

Choose your oven

BKI offers a wide range of ovens to fit your kitchen perfectly. Below, I am cooking prime rib in the BKI® KT 061 Compact Combi-King® Oven which offers superior humidity control within the cooking chamber and programmable recipes. I have also provided instructions for the tried and true BKI® COM-ES convection oven and the BKI® GO-34 roast & hold oven. (Click the oven name to learn more)

Cooking in a combination oven

BKI® KT 061 Compact Combi-King® Oven

Combi-King KH061

Pre-heat oven to 250F

#1Cook cycle 250F for 2 hrs. At 25% moisture high fan

#2 Hold cycle at 15% moisture medium fan for 8hrs

#3 Allow 20 minutes before cutting

Cooking in a convection oven

BKI® COM-ES Convection Oven

COM-ES Convection OvenPre-heat oven to 250F

Once at 250, place roast on a rack in the oven and put a catch tray under the roast or below the bottom roast—this will catch all the great fat rendered, mostly clear, that you can save for Yorkshire Pudding.

Roast at 250 for two hours, then turn oven down to the finish internal temperature you desire (my favorite is 132)

Let the meat roast for at least 8 hrs.

This is a great over night cook.  For every hour of hold above 8 hrs. you gain one step up in meat quality, choice to prime finish.  This allows you to buy lesser priced meats and step up the quality by cooking.

After 8 hrs. or more, up to 24 hrs., pull the roast and let rest for 20 minutes then serve or hold for service

Cooking in a roast & hold oven

BKI® GO-34 Roast & Hold Oven

GO-36 Cook & Hold Convection OvenPreheat oven to 250f.  Place roast on a wire shelf supplied with the oven.

Program the oven to 250f for 1 1/2 hrs and the hold temp of 132 f and allow the roast to hold for 8 hrs to 12 hrs for a great tender roast and very little shrink.

Serve your perfect prime rib with horseradish, au jus, loaded baked potato, and grilled asparagus. Add Yorkshire Pudding and it won’t take long for your customers to realize that you are their BFF!

Beautifully delicious results

Take a look at the amazing crust formation on the prime rib and the delicious coloring. That my friends, is how its done!
Prime Rib Finished
Prime Rib Close Up CrustBeautiful Prime Rib Cut

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Tom Ranc
Director of Sales - Eastern Region

BKI Customer Service