Making profits go ‘round and ‘round.

The performance has begun. The audience is glued to the spot while the actors spin in two directions at the same time. More customers gather, drawn by the smell, the scent of the performers…wait, what? It is, of course, the rotisserie. A lifesaver for busy parents. An entertainment center for their hungry children. A powerful profit driver for convenience stores, grocery delis and even restaurants.

So where do you start?

As the originator and reigning industry leader in rotisserie ovens, it’s no surprise that BKI offers the largest selection, with something to suit every kind of business. But before everything we have to offer overwhelms you, ask yourself some simple questions.

  • How much volume do you plan on?
  • How much room are you willing to dedicate to your rotisserie?
  • Is it “back of the kitchen” or in front of the house where the public can see—and smell—it? Maybe it’s in between?

Why should I buy BKI?

Tackling the last first, BKI is known for unstinting quality and innovation. While it’s true we —as the Barbecue King Company—were the inventors of the original rotary oven in 1950, we’ve never stopped innovating. Our double rotating models to take self-basting to a new level. A countertop model is perfect for convenience stores, while the latest all-the-bells-and-whistles-and-then-some DRGV sets new industry standards. So let’s dive into the model series to discover what’s perfect for your business.

The FS series is our countertop model.

With a small footprint but capable of cooking up to nine chickens at once, the attractive FS rotisserie is a little workhorse that includes a cook and hold computer with three customizable settings. It’s easy to clean and the brilliant lighting will keep your customers coming back for more.

The DR series are right-sized for high volume businesses.

Capable of cooking up to 20 chickens, the DR series of rotisseries feature the double-revolving design (mechanism and individual skewer) that produces a uniquely tender and juicy product. Wonderfully lit, the DR-34 rotisserie will draw a crowd. Built-in automatic hot hold. Control panel with manual switches and programmable single stage computer.

For our extremely high-volume customers, we have the VGG series.

The BKI® VGG series of rotisseries can cook up to 80 3-lb chickens in 75 minutes. The Touchscreen controls feature 15 customizable cook and hold program settings to increase your menu offerings—and even offer a bi-lingual option so they can be operated in English or Spanish. Safety concerns are addressed with innovations like cool door technology and sensors that stop rotation when the door in opened. The quick-clean design will save time for your staff and increase your profitability.
VGG-8 rotisserie with v-spits

The VGG8-COq series combines all the features of the original VGG series with a four-fan convection oven.

The VGG8 rotisserie can cook up to 40 chickens, while the COq oven bakes hot foods, vegetables and, of course, bread to prediction. The high visibility design can include an optional curved glass picture window, thus ensuring maximum customer engagement. With wider menu offerings centered in a single space, we think you’ll find you’ve generated maximum customer satisfaction as well.

The compact NMK

Because we try to anticipate all of our customer needs, we also offer a high volume yet compact countertop rotary oven. The smallest industrial rotisserie in the market, the NMK series can cook up to 9 chickens in 40 minutes with user-friendly manual controls. An illuminated theatre and glass panels make this gem is the king of impulse purchases. If you are thinking of starting a small rotisserie program, the NMK is for you.

Is there an ultimate rotisserie? We think so!

The new DRGV rotisserie series uses gas power, a touchscreen controller, infrared ceramic burners, double-revolving rotors and dual convection fans to cook up to 28 chickens to absolute, incomparable, mouth-watering perfection. There. We said it!

All BKI® rotisseries sport more features than it’s feasible to include in a single article. We’d love to tell you more and answer any questions you have. Please contact:

Tom Ranc
Director of Sales - Eastern Region

BKI Customer Service