Choosing The Right Commercial Deep Fryer For Your Food Service Operation

Friday night. Your customers are tired. Cranky. And so dang hungry they wish they could just make one stop for everything they need and want. That, my friend, is your sweet spot. By offering food that always tastes crispy, fresh and downright mouthwatering your brand loyalty can grow exponentially. But you need to know the keys to creating the ideal piece of fried chicken, french fries or fish—again, again and again. By using the right techniques, timing, temperature and especially the right equipment you can guarantee perfection for your customers every single time. So let’s look at your most important piece of equipment.

How Do You Choose The Right Fryer—For You?

The BKI® brand of fryers, widely known as one of the best in the business, offers a nicely calibrated range of options. But before you choose, it’s important to ask yourself the right questions. What is the volume of fried food do you offer every day? How long a holding life does your food require? Are you turning your fried foods over quickly, or cooking a large amount a few times a day? Do your customers want extra crispy or extra moist meat? And importantly, what is your staff turnover rate?

Automation—Your New Best Friend

Let’s start with the last question. Delicious, fresh tasting fried foods can be the one thing that makes your customers choose you over other stores—and even fast food joints. But if you don’t have a fry chef—and not many of us do—you probably want equipment that does almost all the work for you. In BKI® fryers, process controls start the cook cycle, bring the oil to the precise temperature desired, maintain that temperature and then stop the cook cycle for perfectly cooked food – all at the touch of a button. Now that is easy to train new employees on!

When Pressure Is A Good Thing

The BKI® pressure deep fryer touchpad controls offer “one-touch” cooking—with moist, flavorful results. As the pressure builds up in the vat, it traps the moisture in the protein leaving you with moist and tender meat, while retaining a crispy exterior. Food coming out of the pressure fryer has a longer holding “life” too, which is perfect for grocery deli grab-n-go displays. With less risk of oil splattering, there’s also less risk of mess and injuries—not to mention better tasting food. Combine this with one of BKI’s hot cases and your food will be hot and crispy for hours! Pressure fryers are available in gas or electric.

Extra Crispy? Extra easy with Auto-lift!

If your customers love an extremely crunchy outer shell, your best choice is one of our auto-lift fryers. These are open vat fryers, but with important advantages over other brands. The auto-lift mechanism is programmed to pull that food out at just the right moment when it’s perfectly cooked, time after time. The automation also keeps less experienced employees away from the risks of hot oil. Available in gas or electric.

The right temperature. Fast recovery

Another huge advantage for the BKI® fryers is where the heating elements are placed compared to our competition. Located inside the vat with the oil flowing freely around them, they maintain an exact temperature heat during the cook time and have amazing recuperation times, resulting in better food delivered far more frequently. Our gas models take this concept a step further by integrating the ignition box itself inside the vat for even faster recovery and more efficient energy transmission into the oil.

Higher Profits. Better Product. It’s All About Filtration

But even all of these advantages can be wiped out by one single element gone wrong. Your oil. Key to great fried foods, it unfortunately lands in that tricky place between profits, pricing and profoundly delicious food. Luckily, there’s an answer here too. Filtration. Automated filtration. Significantly extending the quality and life of oil while reducing the cost of replacement, BKI® fryers are the ONLY ones that can be programmed to force a filter after a set number of cycles. With a simple push of a button and turn of a handle, your employees remain safe and unencumbered with trying to remember where they are in the cook cycles. Additionally, a built-in cold zone attracts breading if it falls off so it doesn’t contaminate food.

Thinking perhaps you’d like more than one fryer? You’re not alone! Even in high volume food systems, it’s important to have the ability to split out your processes. Your demand should never exceed your capacity to deliver so we offer large and extra large fryers in all our deep fryer lines.

Finally, the BKI® line of fryers is 100% hand-built in the USA. So you can feel good, feed happy customers—and your bottom line! We’d be happy to help you discover your best fry solutions. Give us a call.

Tom Ranc
Director of Sales - Eastern Region

BKI Customer Service